Are My Stairs Suitable for a Stairlift?

Are you looking at stairlifts and wondering if your stairs are compatible? Every home is different, and it’s not unusual to have a pretty unique staircase – they can be a wonderful feature after all. While stairlifts don’t work on every type of staircase, they are fairly versatile and can be suitable for straight, curved, or even outdoor stairs.

Here are DMA Stairlifts with a brief outline of installing stairlifts on unique stairs – keep reading to find out if yours are compatible.

Adding a stairlift to narrow stairs

If you have a narrow staircase in your home, it’s likely that you can find a suitable stairlift to fit them, particularly if they’re straight. Since the chair folds away at the top and bottom, this gives easy access to the stairs for anyone not using the lift.

On a straight section, you should not need any changes made to the staircase. The rail for the lift will sit against the wall and anchor to the stairs, without any necessary adjustments.

Installing a stairlift on a curved staircase

Curved staircases are a little more difficult, but they can still be suitable for a stairlift. However, it’s likely the company will need to make a few small changes to ensure the lift can move smoothly around the curves.

If your staircase is unevenly curved or has a section that snakes around, but is straight elsewhere, that is still something a stairlift can work with. There are some rather impressive installations of stairlifts on unique stairs. While adjustments need to be made in some cases, which may affect the structure, it’s usually worth it to get the stairlift installed so everyone can use it as needed.

Talk to your stairlift company

Before you commit to anything, you’ll need to speak with the stairlift company. They should come out to evaluate your home and take measurements. The technician can then make an informed decision about whether or not the staircase will be suitable for a stairlift.

When they have determined the best method of installation, you’ll be given a quote to ensure the entire cost of installation is covered. From there, you simply have to sit back and relax while they install the stairlift. You may then move smoothly up and down the stairs without the worry of missing a step or losing your grip or balance.

Stairlifts can change your life for the better and enable mobility for all. Therefore, they are something everyone should consider if they have mobility issues. The ability to move easily from floor to floor is something most of us take for granted while we can move easily, but it becomes difficult later in life. Plan ahead for this eventuality and you can have a lift ready to go when you start to slow down.

DMA Stairlifts can help you figure out whether your stairs are stairlift-friendly. For more information, contact us today or, if you’ve already made up your mind, fill out our online quotation form for a free no-obligation quote.

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