Four Advantages of Stairlift Installation

Four Advantages of Stairlift Installation

Mobility issues don’t have to make your home life any harder. With a DMA stairlift, you can comfortably, simply and safely move around your home, up or down the stairs, without the need for pain, or struggle. Here, we take a closer look at the key advantages of installing a stairlift in your home:


If you are struggling with your mobility, using the stairs at home can present a number or risks, potentially leading to serious injuries from falling, slipping or tripping on the steps. Using a motorised stairlift will allow you to move freely to every level of your home, with the risk of injury greatly reduced. This is due to the intense thought and scrutiny placed on the safety and reliability of stairlifts, including safety belts, automatic stop functions and warning sounds or alarms. Most stairlifts will also be fitted with a lock switch to prevent the use of the chair by other people, especially children, to prevent their endangerment. 


Stairlifts are designed and fitted with a number of features to ensure the system is functionable and comfortable every time you use it. This means that various aspects of the chair are adjustable, to assist in finding the appropriate position of comfort for every individual need, including height and width. The chair is also fitted with padded armrests and cushions to provide extra comfort and protection. Generally speaking, stairlifts are tailored to suit your requirements and specific needs to help you overcome the difficulties or pain of moving around your home, so are typically designed with comfort in mind.


Easy to operate, stairlifts are controlled via a toggle switch located on the armrest. This can be used independently, as a remote control, should someone else in your home have left the chair at the top of the stairs. For example, the toggle switch is able to call your stairlift back to it’s starting position, even if you are not on the stairlift currently. In fact, stairlifts will return to their starting position whenever necessary, as this is their park position and charging point, meaning you will never get stuck half way up the stairs or lose mobility around the house because the system has a back-up power supply. 


Losing your freedom of movement can be tough, especially if your home has a basement, or an upper-level, and if stairs start to seem like an impossible challenge, you’ll no doubt start to feel like you’ve lost your independence. With the installation of a stairlift, all of this can change, you can regain your independence, without worrying about the pain, energy and time it may take. You’ll be able to move around freely, without restriction or challenge, as the lift will provide a safe access to every floor in your home.

If you’re looking for reliable mobility system for your home, consider a stairlift from the experts at DMA Stairlifts. We’re proud to serve customers across the southwest of England and offer a range of straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, stairlift rental, stairlift servicing and maintenance. Contact us today.

Stairlift Servicing: What’s Involved and the Signs It’s Needed

Long before a stairlift ceases to operate or function correctly, there will be clear and obvious signs of a problem that cannot be ignored. From unusual sounds, error codes, to exposed wiring and visible damage, there are several key signs to be wary of. Ensuring these issues are safely and responsibly handled is imperative to maintaining the high standards you’ve become accustomed to.

As a general rule, most new stairlifts come with a two-year warranty, including two free services as standard. Regardless of this, your stairlift will receive annual servicing to help maintain it remains in a safe working condition for years to come. It’s important to remember addressing any issues early on will almost certainly save you repair costs in the future. Here, we’ll run through some of the most vital signs to look out for and how the process of servicing your stairlift actually works.

Maintaining Your Stairlift

A key part of self-servicing your stairlift is regular maintenance. If correctly looked after, a stairlift can last many years, with little to no signs of stress or issues with functionality. However, maintaining your stairlift is crucial to cementing this longevity. Here, we look at some of the essential maintenance checks you can carry out at home:

  • Motor & gearbox assembly for oil leaks and worn brushes.
  • All safety switches for correct function which ensures they don’t stick or activate unnecessarily.
  • Any hinged parts are lubricated and checked for excessive movement.
  • Seat belt security.
  • Roller bearings are checked for wear and lubrication.
  • The rail is cleaned of any dust and feet are checked for security.
  • Drive rack lubrication.
  • Charge points are cleaned and lubricated.
  • Seat swivel action, safety switch checks and lubrication.
  • Batteries are installed in the lift and remote controls.
  • Battery charging system and control board.
  • RCD test and reset if it’s a mains-powered machine.

Why Do I Need A Service?

Like any piece of machinery, be it a car or a vacuum cleaner, your stairlift will need maintenance and servicing to ensure it remains operational. It may seem trivial, but cleaning your stairlift regularly is an excellent starting point because when dust, dirt and debris build up, it only serves to slow down your electronic stairlift.

When Do I Need A Service?

If you’re not maintaining your equipment, it will eventually start to suffer. We recommend that your stairlift is serviced once a year, and cleaned regularly, to keep it operating at its full potential. A basic package with DMA will include an annual service, priority access and reduced rates for call outs, whereas a premium package will often cover parts and call-outs during office hours, with reduced rates for call-outs after hours. Whether or not you choose to take out a stairlift service contract make sure you have access to a 24 hour, 365 days a year service so that no matter what the day or time you can get an engineer if your need is really urgent. Below are some of the most important issues to look out for if you believe your stairlift requires servicing:


Should your stairlift start making a beeping or chirping sound, this is an indication your batteries are not charging properly. This is usually a simple issue with the power supply at the outlet, so make sure you run some quick checks before calling the service line. If your stairlift is making a scraping sound, you’ll need to service your stairlift as soon as possible, to prevent additional damage to your lift. A scraping sound is often a sign of an internal issue with the rolling mechanism or a malfunction, so will require immediate action.


There are several warning signs if you believe your stairlift is malfunctioning. If your lift seems fine when going down, but is showing signs of fatigue on the way up, this usually signifies an internal battery issue. Occasionally, your lift may run fine in some moments, but then stop suddenly or unexpectedly in transit, this is known as ‘intermittent operation’ and will require a service. Watch out for lift jumps, shakes and shudders when in transit, if there’s some resistance whilst on the track, it could be a sign of a gearbox issue.

Visible Damage

Inspect your stairlift for visible signs of stress or damage. If your loft has loose covers, broken or splintered plastic or rattles and makes unusual noises in motion, service is likely required. This is why it’s vital to run visible checks frequently, keep an eye out for cracks or broken springs, whilst black or grey dust is a major sign of a worn-out mechanism.

Exposed Wiring

If your stairlift is showing exposed wiring, this is an immediate concern. In the long-term, this will cause your stairlift to break down and cease operation. In a worst-case scenario, the wiring can short on the metal causing serious electrical issues or damage that will result in higher repair costs.

Error Codes

Most modern stairlifts come fitted with a screen that displays the lift diagnostics. Sometimes this screen will display error codes, each signifying a specific problem unique to the code provided. You will need to find the code displayed on the screen in your user manual to highlight the issue. If the problem is small or seemingly resolvable, your manual should be able to guide you through the process of fixing these simple errors or issues, however, some error codes will signify a serious or complicated issue that will require a professional to fix.

How Will My Stairlift Be Serviced?

A stairlift service is designed to cover everything. From concerning scraping noises to a malfunctioning battery, every component is checked and serviced thoroughly. Here are some of the key checks carried out by DMA:

  • Motor and Gearbox assembly
  • Safety switches and function
  • Hinges and mobility
  • Seat belt security
  • Roller bearings
  • Dust or dirt
  • Charge points
  • Seat swivel action
  • Batteries
  • Charging system.

Stairlift Maintenance Contract

Now your stairlift has been serviced, it could be worth considering taking out a maintenance contract, which covers you against callout charges for the next twelve months. At DMA, we offer two different types of maintenance contract:

Silver Contract

A silver contract offers the following benefits:

  • Annual Service
  • Callout charges
  • Callouts guaranteed within 24 hours
  • Reduced labour on-site.

Gold Contract

A gold contracts offers the silver contract plus:

  • Labour on-site
  • Parts.

With a DMA maintenance contract, we can cover you all year round, offering an excellent service within twenty-four hours, that covers the costs and labour required with little fuss or worry. With a maintenance contract, we’ve got you covered.

Annual Servicing

It’s essential your stairlift is serviced at least once every twelve months. At DMA we can offer a full service, even if your stairlift wasn’t bought from us, for an agreed fee. We can also put you on one of our maintenance contracts to cover you for any issues in the future, should you wish to do so.

Generally speaking, a stairlift service will take less than an hour to complete, though, if any parts or repairs are required, this may take longer, or have to be completed at a later date. As a rule, we aim to deliver our absolute best service available, to keep any disruption to a minimum when servicing your stairlift.

DMA Stairlifts – Stairlift Experts in the South West

At DMA Stairlifts in the South West, we’re experts. Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution or a long-term mobility aid we can help you find the right product for your needs. Plus, we also offer reliable servicing and maintenance contracts so your stairlift will remain in great working condition. If you are a contract customer, callout charges are free. However if you prefer to use our services only when you need us we charge a competitive rate callout and labour on site for breakdowns.

With over 40 years of experience, look no further than DMA Stairlifts for professional advice and a wide range of products. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Making The Most Of Your Stairlift

Making The Most Of Your Stairlift

Analyze The Cost

Prices for stairlifts can vary dramatically depending on where you are looking.

Often, this is down to differences in staircase layouts, but as an average, a straight staircase with DMA is around £1850 for installation, with a two-year warranty provided as standard. According to, this is just under the national average of £2000, though it’s reckoned in unique circumstances, with a non-traditional curved staircase, this could rise to upwards of £6000.

Our advice to anyone looking to buy a stairlift is to get a detailed breakdown of all the options and extras you could potentially save on, or in the case of some of the larger national companies, potentially the extra rewards you could earn for a quoted price.

Do Your Research

Like most products, stairlifts are available from a number of different manufacturers, each with its own unique quality, pricing, and levels of reliability. Making the right choice can feel like an impossible task. Keep an eye out for the warranty, what does it cost? What are the terms and conditions? How long are you covered for? A healthy balance between cost, performance, and durability are key.

Power Up!

A stairlift requires a 13amp socket, if there isn’t one available close enough to the staircase, it’s likely you will be asked to arrange for the installation of one. The engineer would then conceal the wiring wherever possible, running the cable to the nearest plug point similar to that of a standard telephone or cable TV point.

Make Room

Stairlifts don’t take up as much room as you’d think. All of our stairlifts fold flat against the wall when not in use, taking up approximately 300mm of space at its widest point. When not in use, it will be either at the top or bottom of the stairs in the ‘parked’ position, meaning only the track, at a low level, would be present on the stairs.This leaves the staircase almost entirely free from obstruction.


In order to maintain your stairlift’s quality and efficiency, we now use a basic D.C. power battery pack.  These packs are housed within the stairlift, powering them safely, cheaply, and reliably.  When the machine is not in use, it will rest either at the top or the bottom of the staircase.

At this point, the battery pack will recharge, very similar to the principle of a cordless telephone.

DMA Stairlifts, based in South-West England, have over 30 years of experience in selling, installing, and maintaining a range of high-quality stairlifts. With something to suit every budget, our friendly team is on hand to help you choose the right stairlift for your requirements. Get in touch today for your free quotation or for more information about our services.

Buying a Stairlift vs Stairlift Rental Services: Which is Right For You?

Buying a Stairlift vs Stairlift Rental Services: Which is Right For You?

If you have long-term mobility problems or perhaps you’re undergoing surgery and need help around the house, a stairlift installation could be the solution that you need. But, if you’ve been wondering ‘how much is a stairlift’ or you’re not sure if buying a stairlift outright is the best solution for you, why not consider renting?

Stairlift rental is a service that is great for those seeking short-term mobility support, however, it’s often overlooked or people don’t know that it’s available. On the other hand, buying a stairlift can be a great investment if you have a disability or your ability to move around the house safely is deteriorating.

One of the most important decisions to make when having a stairlift installed is whether to buy or rent so it’s always best to consider your options carefully as your home should be safe and comfortable. At DMA Stairlifts we’re the experts in both stairlift rental and purchases. In this article, we provide a detailed guide as to which option could be best suited for you including the top factors to consider.

Should you buy a stairlift or invest in stairlift hire?

There are many reasons why you might require a stairlift. It’s not just elderly homeowners who can benefit from these kinds of installations although this is a great reason to invest so you can continue living independently. Stairlifts are great multi-purpose devices that can improve your quality of life whether that’s short-term or long-term.

Here are some of the top reasons why you might purchase or hire a stairlift.

When to hire a stairlift

  • Recovering from surgery or an injury

Has there been a change in your mobility? Surgery or injuries can happen out of nowhere which means you may need to temporarily adapt your home to suit your reduced mobility. In this case, stairlift rental is a great option as it’s cost-effective and will keep your home safe until you are able to use the stairs again.

The last thing you want is to cause further damage by overexerting yourself before your body has recovered. Having a stairlift in your home, however, can help you to move up and down the stairs and continue to withhold some independence.

  • You have an elderly relative staying in your home

You may not need a stairlift yourself but if you have an elderly family member staying with you or someone with limited mobility then they can come in handy. Stairlift rental allows you to install a chairlift on a short-term basis so your home is well prepared for your guests’ arrival.

While you may not want or need a stairlift installed in your property forever, making sure you’ve considered the accessibility of your home temporarily is sure to be appreciated by anyone visiting you. Plus, they’re as easy to take down as they are to install so once your guest has left your home will be back to how it was in no time.

  • You would like to test a stairlift before purchasing

If you’d like to try before you buy, renting a stairlift instead of buying it outright will give you a chance to try it before you buy! There are lots of different stairlift types to consider so it’s important that your final decision is the right one for you whether that’s a curved stairlift or even an outdoor stairlift.

If you’re still deciding which option is best for you, organising a rental can help you make up your mind. During the rental period, you can get used to how the stairlift works and see if it’s the best type of mobility aid for your needs.

When to buy a stairlift

  • You have long-term mobility problems

Long-term mobility illnesses require the right support such as mobility aids around the home. If your symptoms have slowly progressed then the stairs can easily become a dangerous area of your home when you don’t have the right precautions in place such as a stairlift.

You should be able to live comfortably in your own home so buying a stairlift can lift a lot of weight off your shoulders by providing a reliable solution. Whether you plan on living independently or have loved ones or health carers who are there to support you, a stairlift is beneficial for both you and them.

  • Your home is currently unsafe

For those who are unsteady on their feet, it’s important that all hazards are removed and replaced with safer alternatives which may include installing a stairlift. Manoeuvring the stairs can be incredibly difficult but it doesn’t mean that the upstairs of your home is now out of bounds for you or your family member.

As soon as you recognise that your home is unsafe it’s time to make a difference. A high-quality stairlift purchase will ensure that your home is no longer a danger so you can move around freely without the fear of hurting yourself on the stairs.

  • You’re eligible for grants

You may be deciding whether to buy a stairlift but are worried about high stairlift prices. However, if you’re eligible for grants and financial support because of a disability or long-term illness, this is all the reason to make a purchase. Grants are in place to help those who need financial assistance, including purchasing mobility aids.

The Disabled Facilities Grant, for example, is a government-funded grant awarded to eligible disabled people who need to make changes to their homes such as installing a stairlift. With the financial aid that you need, purchasing a stairlift is made even easier so always check out which grants you can access.

The process of buying or renting stairlifts

When buying or renting a stairlift the process is fairly similar. You will need to find the right model, have the product installed and of course consider the cost.

Finding the right model

If you plan on buying a stairlift then you need a model that’s going to work for you now and in the future, whereas stairlift rental means you’ll need a model that works for your particular situation. Either way, a professional team will be able to advise you on the best option available for your needs and something that will fit seamlessly into your home.


Next comes installation. Most stairlifts can be installed fairly quickly so they’ll be up and running in no time. However, curved stairlifts may be harder to rent as these products often need to be custom-built which takes longer and isn’t as practical.


Stairlift prices will vary depending on the model you choose, how long your rental period is and other similar factors. It’s important that you understand exactly what you’re paying for so the installation is within your budget. Stairlift rental can be a cost-effective option for those seeking temporary mobility help but in the long run, if you need long-term help then purchasing a chairlift is a great investment.

DMA Stairlifts: Affordable Stairlift Rental Cost in the South West

At DMA Stairlifts in the South West, we’re experts in stairlifts. Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution or a long-term mobility aid we can help you find the right product for your needs.

If you’ve been wondering ‘how much is a stairlift’ then you’ll be pleased to know that we offer affordable stairlift rental and purchases so you can rest assured that whatever option you choose will be a sound investment. Plus, we also offer reliable servicing and maintenance contracts so your stairlift will remain in great working condition.

With over 40 years of experience, look no further than DMA Stairlifts for professional advice and a wide range of products. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Should I Rent or Buy a Stairlift?

Should I Rent or Buy a Stairlift?

Many people believe a stairlift has to be a permanent fixture in their homes, so wouldn’t consider one for short-term use. However, there are many instances when renting a stairlift could be more beneficial.

Here we’ll help you decide whether or not to buy your stairlift or rent from a stairlift company.

Why rent a stairlift?

It may be more worthwhile for you to rent a stairlift if you only need one for a short time. For example, if you are having an operation and won’t be able to weight-bear or walk for a few months, a stairlift would be extremely useful, giving you some independence while your mobility is low. Or perhaps an elderly or disabled relative is coming to stay with you. A stairlift is a great possibility and can help the individual feel more comfortable and independent while in the house.

Top things to consider


If you are concerned about paying a large sum for a permanent stairlift in your home, rental is a more manageable option as it can often work out cheaper depending on how long you need it for. Rental requires you to pay an upfront cost to cover installation which is roughly £500 and then you only need to pay a monthly cost of around £40.

If you need the stairlift for a long period, it may cost you more to rent, so buying a reconditioned stairlift could be more financially beneficial. Reconditioned stairlifts are second-hand stairlifts that still have the same quality assurance but at a lower price point.

Hassle-free renting

When renting a stairlift, you don’t need to worry about any breakdown or servicing costs because it’s all included in the price. A lifetime warranty will be included too, meaning the responsibility for maintenance lies with the company, so you can relax knowing you won’t need to pay anything extra.

If your situation suddenly changes and you need a stairlift quickly, they can be installed within 1-2 days of ordering and can be removed just as quickly.

See if a stairlift is right for you

Stairlifts are a great solution to provide you with more flexibility and freedom and renting gives you the chance to try it in your own home before you choose to buy one. It can also offer a great option for those on a tighter budget or who are only in need of temporary mobility assistance.

On the other hand, choosing to buy a stairlift is a worthwhile investment if you know you will need it in the long term. It can truly help improve the quality of life for people who permanently require assistance going up and down the stairs.

Are you looking for a stairlift company in the Southwest? DMA Stairlifts provides quality, new and reconditioned stairlifts to rent or buy so that you can keep moving. We offer stairlift installation, servicing and maintenance and a free no-obligation quote to get you started. To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team.

Four Signs You Need a Stairlift

Four Signs You Need a Stairlift

Stairlifts are a great aid to have if you find it difficult to make full use of the different levels in your home. A lift doesn’t require a major renovation, but simply fits into your existing space and uses the staircase you already have. This makes it a popular option for those with limited mobility.

Do you need a stairlift? Here are a few signs that it’s time to start considering one.

You Stop to Rest On the Stairs

Running out of breath as you head upstairs? While some fatigue is normal, depending on your condition and age, it’s not a great sign if you have to stop and rest while climbing to the next floor. You may want to consider a mobile aid to make it simpler to get upstairs.

Your Knees and Legs Hurt

If climbing the stairs is a painful process, it’s time to make things easier on yourself. Of course, you should check with a doctor to see if there’s anything you can do to reduce the pain. It’s best if you can resolve the problem naturally, but if it continues to be an issue, a stairlift will make your life much simpler.

It Takes Too Long to Get Up and Down Stairs

Staircases can be pretty daunting if you’re suffering from an injury or are just worn out. Try timing yourself going up and down the stairs and see if it seems a little too long. If climbing up and down the stairs is beginning to impact the rest of your day, then you may benefit from a stairlift installation.

You Feel Unstable on Stairs

Do you feel like you could fall if you’re not very careful? This can be a major danger when you’re at height, and in fact, falls on staircases can cause some serious injuries. Rather than stick it out and risk your life and body, it’s better if you make a few simple changes to ensure your safety. Instability on stairs may be caused by weakness in the legs, loss of balance, vertigo, dizziness, and depth perception issues.

Do any of these issues sound familiar? If so, contact DMA Stairlifts today and we can give you a quote to get a stairlift set up.