Everything You Need To Know About Curved Stairlifts: Installation, Prices And FAQs

When stairs become a struggle, it may be time to invest in a stairlift. If you have considered the pros and cons of purchasing or hiring a stairlift, you may have discovered that they are the cheapest and most hassle-free option for you – and this is where DMA Stairlifts come in. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we’ve worked with leading manufacturers in the UK to ensure that quality is delivered. Depending on the design of your staircase, a curved stairlift may be the desirable option for you. Continue reading to learn more about the difference between curved and straight stairlifts, the benefits of stairlift installation, as well as some frequently asked questions around stairlift purchase and hire.

Is A Stairlift For Me?

If mobility is becoming a problem, and ascending the stairs is increasingly difficult, having a stairlift installed may be beneficial. A stairlift is able to carry people and sometimes their wheelchairs up and down staircases, with motorised domestic stairlifts fairly straightforward devices. The majority of stairlifts run on batteries which recharge automatically from the mains, meaning that if your home is on more than one floor, stairlifts can help you remain independent by navigating from floor to floor. Particularly useful for individuals who struggle with movement due to medical conditions or following an operation, individuals with reduced strength or flexibility from old age can also benefit from stairlifts.

Curved And Straight

Curved and straight stairlifts serve different purposes, with your stairlift of choice likely to be dependent on the set-up of your staircase itself. The most significant difference between these two types of stairlift is the way in which they curve against the stairs, a factor which affects their price as well as the way that they function. Whereas a straight stairlift will only need to travel in a straight line, making for a simple process, a curved stairlift is required to travel at exactly the same angle as your staircase, so that it fits perfectly and takes up less stair space. Whether the stairs are curved or spiralled, you’ll need a curved stairlift instead of a conventional straight design. Due to the bespoke nature of curved stairlifts, they are often around double the cost of straight designs,

Benefits Of A Curved Stairlift

Despite the added cost, investing in a stairlift which is suitable for your home is crucial if you want to feel the full benefit of one. There are many advantages of purchasing or hiring a stairlift for your home, with one of the most obvious perks being the prevention of injuries and hassle that it provides. A safer way to navigate stairways, a stairlift will prevent the risks of falling from height, with stairs one of the most common causes of injury within a home. Stairlifts from DMA Stairlifts will always be comfortable as standard, ensuring that one of the other benefits obtained from a functioning stairlift is the ease of use. Installation of a stairlift may be a viable alternative for those who are struggling and considering a senior living community, offering independence at an affordable price.

Stairlift Installation And Repairs Explained

Stairlift installation need not be complicated, with specialists on hand to fit a stairlift at your convenience. Stairlift rails are actually screwed into the steps themselves, contrary to the idea that a stairlift is drilled and fitted to a wall. Brackets are fitted to the bottoms of the rails, which are then lined up and fixed to steps with a screw. This ensures that stairlift installations are hassle-free and less disruptive. This also makes it easier to remove a stairlift if required. With very few screws attaching a stairlift to stairs, as long as the installation has been completed by experts, there should be no impact on the structural integrity of your stairs. Experts from DMA Stairlifts will also be able to complete installation in a short amount of time.

Stairlift Companies Near Me: What Price Can I Expect?

Though prices of stairlifts will vary depending on the brand, type of stairlift and who you purchase from, as mentioned earlier, curved stairlift costs will be roughly double that of their straight counterparts when purchased outright. Stairlift rental from DMA Stairlifts may be a more cost-effective option for you depending on your needs, with monthly payment solutions available for a temporary method of staircase navigation. This may be an ideal option for individuals who are recovering from an operation and expect their mobility to improve in the future, allowing them to hire a stairlift as a short-term fix.

Leading Brands And Maintenance

Stocking stairlifts from the nation’s most trusted brands, we provide products from Acorn, Brooks, Meditek, Handicare, Minivator, Freelift, Platinum and Stannah. If you have a warranty which includes a maintenance and service plan, which most do, there should be no additional running costs other than the cost of electricity required to power a stairlift. You usually won’t need stairlift insurance if your stairlift is within the warranty period, but if you are out of warranty, it may be advisable to buy mobility equipment insurance from a third-party provider.

Stairlift Hire Or Purchase?

The decision to hire or purchase can be made depending on your current needs, anticipated needs in the future, and your budget. If your current needs require a stairlift to be installed, and you do not expect your mobility to improve, it may be more cost-effective to outright buy a stairlift and maintain it as required. Temporary injuries and changes to mobility are better-suited to stairlift rental, allowing you to have your rented stairlift uninstalled and your monthly payments ceased when navigation up a set of stairs is more practical. In many instances, outright purchasing a stairlift is likely to be more cost-effective. Although the up-front curved stairlift cost will be pricier, stairlifts can last for many years, meaning that you will see long-term benefits of the investment.

Product Range

DMA Stairlifts excel at offering a large number of custom staircase navigation solutions for a variety of needs. Injured in a car accident and need a way to get from point A to B? Or perhaps you’re suffering from the repercussions of a long-term medical condition. Below are just a selection of the stairlift solutions we offer:

The Advantage

The Advantage’s strong yet super slimline rail is the narrowest on the market so it obscures less of your stairs than any other straight stairlift system.A compact design and grease-free rail mean that The Advantage blends in nicely with an interior, as well as being easy to keep clean. Powered by Handicare’s patented four wheel drive technology, this solution is safe, strong and reliable.

The Elan

A mix of stylish design, high-quality functionality and ease-of-use, the narrow vertical rail design of The Elan stairlift leaves plenty of open space on the steps for family members. Specious design dictates that the seat can accommodate most body types, with adjustable seat height for optimal comfort. The addition of a continuous charge strip means that you can park your stairlift anywhere to keep the batteries topped up.

The Freecurve

One of the most popular curved stairlifts, this design provides a safe, smooth and comfortable ride up even the most complicated curved staircase. Consisting of a single tubular track, the automatic folding rail option allows you to safely get on and off the lift at ground level without taking up space in your hallway.

The Handicare 2000

A smart seat with 6 colour choices available, the twin rail system of this stairlift provides a safe and smooth ride. With the tightest track bends available, it can accommodate a wide range of stair configurations and will hug the edge of your staircase, leaving you with more room for others to pass.

DMA Stairlifts: Chairlift For Stairs And Stairlift Installation

Founded in 1985 by Ken and Fiona Mahoney, DMA employs a team of friendly and approachable staff to help our customers with any stairlift-related enquiries they may have. Whether you’re considering stairlift installation for an elderly relative, or you are in need of stairlift hire for your property, we have you covered. Offering free quotations with no obligation to buy, you have as much time as you need to consider the options available, and the price quoted is always the price you will pay.

Searching for ‘stairlift companies near me’? We work alongside customers to help with your individual needs, giving you time to make a decision on what is important to you. From initial enquiries to installation and stairlift servicing, our team is on hand to take care of everything. Be it a curved or a straight staircase, our  simple, affordable staircase solutions are available as new, reconditioned or rentable. Glowing ratings and reviews from our Bristol and Bath customers right down to satisfied buyers in Plymouth and Cornwall, contact us today to see how one of our lifts could fit into your home and immediately improve your lifestyle.

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