Four Advantages of Stairlift Installation

Mobility issues don’t have to make your home life any harder. With a DMA stairlift, you can comfortably, simply and safely move around your home, up or down the stairs, without the need for pain, or struggle. Here, we take a closer look at the key advantages of installing a stairlift in your home:


If you are struggling with your mobility, using the stairs at home can present a number or risks, potentially leading to serious injuries from falling, slipping or tripping on the steps. Using a motorised stairlift will allow you to move freely to every level of your home, with the risk of injury greatly reduced. This is due to the intense thought and scrutiny placed on the safety and reliability of stairlifts, including safety belts, automatic stop functions and warning sounds or alarms. Most stairlifts will also be fitted with a lock switch to prevent the use of the chair by other people, especially children, to prevent their endangerment. 


Stairlifts are designed and fitted with a number of features to ensure the system is functionable and comfortable every time you use it. This means that various aspects of the chair are adjustable, to assist in finding the appropriate position of comfort for every individual need, including height and width. The chair is also fitted with padded armrests and cushions to provide extra comfort and protection. Generally speaking, stairlifts are tailored to suit your requirements and specific needs to help you overcome the difficulties or pain of moving around your home, so are typically designed with comfort in mind.


Easy to operate, stairlifts are controlled via a toggle switch located on the armrest. This can be used independently, as a remote control, should someone else in your home have left the chair at the top of the stairs. For example, the toggle switch is able to call your stairlift back to it’s starting position, even if you are not on the stairlift currently. In fact, stairlifts will return to their starting position whenever necessary, as this is their park position and charging point, meaning you will never get stuck half way up the stairs or lose mobility around the house because the system has a back-up power supply. 


Losing your freedom of movement can be tough, especially if your home has a basement, or an upper-level, and if stairs start to seem like an impossible challenge, you’ll no doubt start to feel like you’ve lost your independence. With the installation of a stairlift, all of this can change, you can regain your independence, without worrying about the pain, energy and time it may take. You’ll be able to move around freely, without restriction or challenge, as the lift will provide a safe access to every floor in your home.

If you’re looking for reliable mobility system for your home, consider a stairlift from the experts at DMA Stairlifts. We’re proud to serve customers across the southwest of England and offer a range of straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, stairlift rental, stairlift servicing and maintenance. Contact us today.

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