Four Signs You Need a Stairlift

Stairlifts are a great aid to have if you find it difficult to make full use of the different levels in your home. A lift doesn’t require a major renovation, but simply fits into your existing space and uses the staircase you already have. This makes it a popular option for those with limited mobility.

Do you need a stairlift? Here are a few signs that it’s time to start considering one.

You Stop to Rest On the Stairs

Running out of breath as you head upstairs? While some fatigue is normal, depending on your condition and age, it’s not a great sign if you have to stop and rest while climbing to the next floor. You may want to consider a mobile aid to make it simpler to get upstairs.

Your Knees and Legs Hurt

If climbing the stairs is a painful process, it’s time to make things easier on yourself. Of course, you should check with a doctor to see if there’s anything you can do to reduce the pain. It’s best if you can resolve the problem naturally, but if it continues to be an issue, a stairlift will make your life much simpler.

It Takes Too Long to Get Up and Down Stairs

Staircases can be pretty daunting if you’re suffering from an injury or are just worn out. Try timing yourself going up and down the stairs and see if it seems a little too long. If climbing up and down the stairs is beginning to impact the rest of your day, then you may benefit from a stairlift installation.

You Feel Unstable on Stairs

Do you feel like you could fall if you’re not very careful? This can be a major danger when you’re at height, and in fact, falls on staircases can cause some serious injuries. Rather than stick it out and risk your life and body, it’s better if you make a few simple changes to ensure your safety. Instability on stairs may be caused by weakness in the legs, loss of balance, vertigo, dizziness, and depth perception issues.

Do any of these issues sound familiar? If so, contact DMA Stairlifts today and we can give you a quote to get a stairlift set up.

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