Outdoor Stairlifts

We exclusively use Handicare as our supplier of new Stairlifts, as our experience has taught us that they are by far the most reliable and built to a higher quality than many other brands available.

Depending on your staircase layout will determine which Stairlift is most suitable for you. Please see below for our range of Outdoor Stairlifts.

All our products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us for more information.

Furthermore, all our stairlifts are tested and approved by worldwide independent inspection services. This gives you the assurance that all our products meet the highest standards in terms of quality and safety.

The 1000 Outdoor straight Stairlift

The 1000 provides comfort and support and gives the option of upgrading with powered features. In addition to this the anodized aluminium rail offers a stylish solution with a hidden gear rack. The 1000 is also the narrowest straight stairlift track on the market.

If you have a straight outdoor staircase, the Handicare 1000 could be the answer to all of your questions.

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The 2000 outdoor curved Stairlift

The 2000 is a well established and versatile stairlift system with the tighest track bends available in the industry. It can accomodate a wide range of stair configurations and will hug the edge of your staircase leaving you with more room.

The twin rail system provides a safe and smooth ride.

Call us to arrange a free measure & quotation.

Freephone 0800 6696 720 or 01823 661037