Servicing & Repairs

Annual Servicing

Even if you didn’t buy your lift from us, we can still carry out annual services and in most cases put you onto one of our maintenance contracts.

In this service we check the following components of your lift:

  • Motor & gearbox assembly for oil leaks and worn brushes.
  • All safety switches for correct function and ensure they don’t stick or activate unnecessarily.
  • Any hinged parts are lubricated and checked for excessive movement.
  • Seat belt security.
  • Roller bearings are checked for wear and lubrication.
  • The rail is cleaned of any dust and feet are checked for security.
  • Drive rack lubrication.
  • Charge points are cleaned and lubricated.
  • Seat swivel action, safety switches and lubrication.
  • Batteries in the lift and remote controls.
  • Battery charging system and control board.
  • RCD test and reset if it’s a mains powered machine.

As a courtesy gesture, we will even test your smoke alarms while we’re in the hallway!

If you would like to book an annual service please give us a call on 01823 661037

You will automatically be reminded each year via post of your next service.

Maintenance Contracts

Once your lift has been serviced, it may be possible to take out a maintenance contract which covers you against any callout charges for the next 12 months.

We offer 2 types of maintenance contract:

A Silver contract covers the following:

  • Annual service
  • Callout charges
  • Guaranteed callouts within 24-hours
  • Reduced labour on-site

A Gold contract covers all the points of a silver contract and also includes:

  • Labour on-site
  • Parts

Breakdowns & Repairs

DMA Stairlifts provides a year-round callout service for stairlift repairs and maintenance throughout the West Country.

If you are a contract customer, Callout charges are free. However if you prefer to use our services only when you need us we charge a competitive rate callout + labour on site for breakdowns. 

Our service department is run from our workshop & showroom in Wellington, where we hold a comprehensive stock of parts for most stairlift makes and models.

Over the last 3 decades, we have dealt with all the manufacturers in the UK, including Brooks, Acorn, Minivator, Meditek, Freelift and Handicare

This means that breakdowns – whatever the cause – can be quickly and efficiently dealt with.

User Manuals

If you want to have a go at repairing your own stairlift, but have lost the user manual with the fault codes, click here for our collection which you might find useful…