Three Misconceptions Surrounding Stairlifts

Although stairlifts are extremely useful when it comes to allowing those with limited mobility to access other areas of their home, there are some misconceptions. Whether the misconceptions are surrounding stair lift cost, maintenance and size, it could be said there are some myths surrounding stairlifts.

Looking to debunk these myths in this handy guide, DMA Stairlifts are addressing these misconceptions and explaining why a stairlift could be a welcomed addition to your home.

Stairlifts are Expensive

Although the cost of the stairlift varies depending on what machinery you choose, stairlifts are actually not expensive to operate. This can mainly be down to the fact that technology has advanced so that stairlifts now have power-saving devices. In fact, stairlifts now use around the same energy as other household appliances. Considering that the stairlift will not be in continuous use, this means that little battery power is actually used.

Walls Aren’t Strong Enough

Not only is there a misconception that walls aren’t strong enough to have a stairlift installed, but there is also a myth that suggests stairlifts are fixed to the wall and will cause damage to the decor. In reality, stairlifts are actually attached to the stair treads, not the wall. Fixing a stairlift to your stairs is more suitable because it provides a secure platform and doesn’t cause damage to your home. In fact, the only change that you might notice after the installation is the presence of screw holes in the stair treads.

Stairlifts Can Be Dangerous

One misconception surrounding stairlifts is that they can be dangerous, particularly when there are small children or pets around. Some fear that stairlifts won’t stop moving even if there is an unexpected obstruction in the way. Thankfully, modern-day stairlifts are fitted with safety features that totally eradicates the possibility of anyone getting injured. Clearly visible obstructions should be removed before using the stairlift, but if a child or pet were to run in front then these new stairlifts have the technology to detect movement and stop the lift.

If you’re looking for a stairlift company that provide affordable but reliable stairlifts, then DMA Stairlifts are the company for you. We understand that you might have a lot of questions that you need answering surrounding stairlifts, that’s why our team are always happy to help answer your queries to put your mind at ease. We also provide stairlift maintenance and repair meaning that you can start to access all areas of your home once again. To find out more about the products and services we offer, then get in touch with our team today!

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